Yeah. You also appeared on “Married: With Children”. How did that go? ^ Married with Children was just plain funny. I was a blonde girl walking by Al’s shoe store-just a bit part but my best friend was in the audience and she and her boyfriend will never let me forget it.
Any “casting couch” mishaps along the way? ^ Let’s just say making B-movies was like choosing to join a convent…I can only say I am happy to not be that kind of a person. It’s a shame. (Pause) Okay, I feel moved to share an experience with the people sweet enough to be reading my interview. I had moved my whole world from N.Y. to L.A. to pursue my dream, only to be offered a part with a B-movie company on my second week there. I was so excited I called my whole smalltown family back home and it was the biggest deal, tears and all — only to have this studio take naked pictures of me after telling me I had the part. And then blow me off totally — I mean I sure got a taste of ‘showbiz’ more like ‘I have no manners and I’m insecure biz.’ It crushed me… it was terrible. I would not call home for weeks. Let’s just say the Goddess of the Moon will not place blessings on this company which steals her name. I will send a prize to someone who figures that out.
You’ve been away for awhile. What have you been up to? ^ LIFE. I took a year off to spend time with my little girl. Her father died at a young age and she and I really needed to bond. I had been traveling so much for my career, I had not reached a point where I was happy with what I was accomplishing. I can always act, I cannot always watch my child grow up.
Do you think you’ll ever branch out into directing? It’s pretty tough to keep the acting gig going forever. ^ If that is God’s plan for me — I shall make movies and movies and more movies. I was born on Madonna’s birthday, I am not afraid of success and hard work.
What’s the biggest misconception people have about you? ^ That I may be hard to approach, or stuck-up. I love God with all of my heart. He is awesome, I have laughed and played with the Angels he has sent to protect me. My heart and soul is who I am, not the blonde hair and body, this is just God’s love molded into me.
What’s your ultimate goal in show business? ^ To be able to move people through my work. I love deep, heavy historical dramas. Stories that make you cry from the soul. Examples of some of my favorites are: Legends of the Fall — this movie feels so much like real life to me, the pain, the struggle, the loyalty. Elizabeth — great movie, great role, Joan of Arc, just a few examples. I have so many emotions within that I cannot wait to release in a movie.
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ GOD loves you. He is with you always, don’t ignore him. He is not what we are taught to believe. I would tell our youth to get to know their guardian angels, talk to them about everything — how they show their presence is amazing. Don’t follow your elders examples if you do not agree with them. Religiously, politically and personally. You are the future. Let’s learn from their mistakes and make a better world. ^ There is so much power in being a good person. The children see so much power in looks and money and fame — that is fine, only it is not the only way. I will be a positive role model because of my incredible belief in what is good, and I will forever try to be better everyday in so many different ways, not just my looks. These are the kinds of role models our youth needs.
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