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By Film Threat Staff | January 2, 2001

The quiet buildings of Gentech Industries are a little off to the locals of Hillsdale, New Jersey. The barbed wire fences and “no visitors” rules spark the curiosity of a team of local police. Coincidentally, a bunch of bored neighborhood kids decide to party by the mysterious labs right as the cops stop by. Of course, things start getting bloody.
“Biohazardous” isn’t afraid to have fun with the dark stuff. Say the filmmakers:
It’s a film by Horror fans for Horror fans. “Biohazardous” is a zombie film with the look and feel of a Fulci movie and a story and soundtrack with more of a Romero feel, with enough blood and guts to keep both sides happy.
Take a peek at exclusive film stills, the zombie cast, and more at the streamlined [ MooDude Productions “Biohazardous” site. ]

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