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By Heather Wadowski | October 12, 2001

Billy Bob Thornton may be one of the luckiest men in Hollywood today. The Academy Award winner has four movies coming out between now and March, a new CD and, although on this particular day he doesn’t have the honor of wearing his wife’s panties (in fact, he isn’t wearing any underwear for the record), he is still married to one of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood– Angelina Jolie.
Billy Bob Thornton’s career took off with “Sling Blade,” but he also made his mark in films like A Simple Plan, South of Heaven, West of Hell, Pushing Tin and Armageddon among others. Thornton, who will also be starring in Monster’s Ball and The Man Who Wasn’t There before the end of the year, can currently be seen in MGM’s action-comedy Bandits. Thornton plays Terry Collins, an escaped convict who (alongside Bruce Willis) makes up one half of the legendary Sleepover Bandits. What Willis’ character brings to the most-wanted duo as far as strength and charm goes, Thornton’s character brings in the smarts and neurotic departments. Although some may find it hard to picture the actor as a neurotic bank robber– after all, this is the same man who ‘drinks blood’ and ‘only eats oranges,’– Thornton admits that the character isn’t too far from himself. In fact, Thornton shares many of Terry’s phobias. When I caught up with Billy Bob Thornton at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Thornton was eager to discuss his upcoming projects– including his recently released CD– and to set straight some of the details the press has blown out of proportion regarding his relationship with Angelina Jolie. But before we could discuss Bandits or anything else entertainment related, it was only natural to discuss the events of last month — the terrorist attacks on September 11.
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