There is a belief among filmmakers, especially those who receive consistently bad reviews, that film critics are little more than wannabe directors who can’t hack it in the movie world and thus reserve their bitterness for barbecuing flicks in the review columns. If anyone wants to put an end to that theory, then visit Bilge Ebiri’s sublime comedy feature New Guy.

Ebiri, who is a film critic for New York Magazine, helmed the stylish and wonderfully off-kilter New Guy, which follows the increasingly surreal adventures of a young man whose first day on the job goes wrong at all possible levels. As the day gets worse and worse, he begins to realize (perhaps a little too late) that part of his problems stem from the place of employment and the people working around him.

Ebiri has received strong audience and critical feedback for New Guy on the international festival circuit and hopefully a theatrical release is on the near horizon. Creating a thoroughly successful comedy film is no mean feat, especially when one considers the current state of movie comedies. This is especially acute in the realm of independently-produced comedies, which lack the budgets of Hollywood productions that can fall back on elaborate chase and special effect sequences to bolster up the laugh quotient.

Film Threat caught up with Ebiri to discuss his unique approach to bringing laughter to the screen.

Get the interview in part two of BILGE EBIRI: THE NEW GUY IN COMEDY>>>

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