One of the most common questions I’m asked about writing for Film Threat is if I’m paid. No. I do not get paid, nor do I receive any sort of monetary reward, or kick backs. But I’ll say this, friends, watching Debbie Rochon play a perverted Lesbian volley ball coach is reward enough at the end of the day. This I vow to you.

It’s “Bikini Bloodbath,” a film that harkens back to the eighties, a time of ridiculous sex comedies, and mindless slashers, and this is a healthy combination of both, with lesbian undertones, a slasher dicing busty women to pieces, T&A, and really hot “high school” girls (Katie Gil, contact the editor for my number and call me up, girl). What more would you want?

A plot? Ho ho! Sorry, readers, go somewhere else. “Bikini Bloodbath” is a not a film that will be known for its plot, and that’s why it’s so much fun. After a long day of volleyball, and dodging their sexually starved coach, the girl’s volleyball team decides to throw a huge party to commemorate the last day of school. After assorted jiggling, and preparations, the body count begins to rise, and now it’s up to the girls to put a stop to our mad slasher.

One of the more humorous elements of this sheer C grade horror comedy is the hilarious screenplay that reads more like a script from “Three’s Company” at times. From erection sight gags, to the girls dropping their clothes in seconds flat, to double entendres aplenty, if you’re not pleased by busty babes, you’ll laugh at the one-liners, the funniest of which provided by the character Portia, the directors fling like its going out of style.

“Bikini Bloodbath” is a horror comedy you can feel good about watching, because it possesses everything right about B movie cinema and never apologizes. You can grab a few beers, a few buddies, and watch the fun start with some rather entertaining covers of some of the better eighties songs ever made. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, directors Gorman and Seymour never balance out either genre enough to overwhelm their target audience.

While body parts do fling, they know well enough to insert the humor and sexual humor to keep our attention. It’s not often you see a horror movie where people are trapped by a serial killer, and decide to have a party to ease their fright. You just have to f*****g love it. “Bikini Bloodbath” is just pure brainless fun, and I laughed until I came.

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