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Tonight Will Be Fine

By Alan Ng | August 11, 2022

A gifted artist finds a song worth singing in Richard Yichen Yang’s short film, Tonight Will Be Fine.

Lu (Jingxu Li) and Po (Xianli Song) are an emerging singing duo and are destined for great heights. Yet even Lu knows that Po is the team’s real talent and is determined not to get in his best friend’s way. Tonight the pair is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime as they reach the finals in a popular singing competition.

Though Lu is the talented one, he needs Po by his side for moral and emotional support. But he suffers from a severe lack of self-confidence and is distracted by his ailing grandmother. On his last visit with his grandmother, she tells Lu she’s proud of him and to save her a seat for his first concert, but, unfortunately, his grandmother would never make it. With pressure mounting, Lu is unsure he has what it takes to win the competition and walks out on Po.

“…the pair is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime…”

Tonight Will Be Fine is a lyrical tale of a young artist desperately searching to come into his own. His grandmother was the inspiration and foundation of his music and his best friend, Po, was his support. Seeing how Lu reacts to the obstacles of life is engaging.

Like most films from China, the emotional performances of the cast are a little too brooding and over the top, especially for American audiences. That said, Yang’s tale is a beautiful and touching story. Throughout Tonight Will Be Fine, the director makes excellent use of the moving camera, especially at the end in the nursing home. This story is solid and heartfelt.

To learn more about Tonight Will Be Fine, go to Richard Yichen Yang’s Instagram page.

Tonight Will Be Fine (2022)

Directed and Written: Richard Yichen Yang

Starring: Jingxu Li, Xianli Song, Yuying Guo, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Tonight Will Be Fine Image

"…a beautiful and touching story."

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