Just checked into the W Hotel across the street from the American Airlines arena (where the Stars play hockey), and all I have to say is “whoa!” It’s like AFI Dallas owns the W; all I see are festival attendees coming and going from the lobby (which is less a lobby and more a dance club). I’m a little tight for time, so I’m not going to be able to make the “Snow Angels” screening tonight (still need to get my credentials), but I’ve heard my evening will be pretty exciting later on. Apparently the hotel houses a Ghostbar, and tonight is an exclusive party with Public Enemy. BASS! How low can you go? Death row? What a brother know…

I think it is awesome that a major party is happening at my hotel. Why? Have fun, stumble to the room, sleep, go to work in the morning… as life should be…

So far I’ve only seen the inside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the inside of the car from the airport to the W (I got to ride in with one of the jurors, Amy Talkington, and we had a fun discussion about the merits of the Tribeca Film Festival… I’ll say more on that subject later… maybe) and the inside of the W. Now I must go explore the festival. I will say this, already, for only their second year, I’m pretty impressed. Surface-level impressed right now, but the programming is tight too so… it’d take a lot for this fest to suck, I think. I’ll keep you updated anyway, and I’ll start taking pictures this evening 😉

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