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By Don R. Lewis | February 20, 2009

Friday, February 27 is the kick-off for the 4th Annual Beverly Hills Shorts Festival taking place at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. The festival features and dazzling array of short films in the drama, horror, comedy, sci-fi and documentary categories and the festival goes until Sunday, March 1.

An all access festival pass is a mere $50 and each seperate screening is $10. The full schedule is listed below or check out the website for all the information you’ll need can be found at The Official Beverly Hills Shorts Fest website







Animated American (14:57)
Written by Tim Talbott / Directed by James Baker & Joe Haidar

The future is about to collide with the past. Eric, a digital-loving executive on a mansion-hunting expedition, finds himself crossing swords with his realtor, Max, an out-of-work toon rabbit. Like it or not, Max will make Eric see things through the eyes of an “Animated American.”

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay (3:22)
Written & Directed by Michael Ramsey

This film is a short adaptation of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” animated in clay. An excerpt from Plato’s Republic, the “Allegory of the Cave” is a classic commentary on the human condition. It is a story showing how true reality is not always what it seems to be on the surface. It is a story of open-mindedness and the power of possibility. It has been adapted and brought to life by shooting thousands of high-resolution photographs of John Grigsby’s wonderful clay animation.

Daniel Finds His Walking Stick (7:16)
Written & Directed by Gary Hebert

A collage of memories from a man suffering from Alzheimer’s, this film is a funny and sad portrait of the plight of an aging lonely man in a changing world.

David Hammerfist: Hammerfists of Fury (9:24)
Co-Written/Directed by Matthew Mahoney & JJ Conway

All-American tile salesman David Hammerfist saves the president from a recently disgraced and deranged ex-Senator Joseph McCarthy in Cold War Los Angeles. With the help of his indecisive customer Steve, David saves the day and democracy!

Gerald’s Last Day (12:21)
Written by Justin Rasch / Directed by Justin & Shel Rasch

Gerald the dog, an unlikely candidate for adoption, has been scheduled for termination by the dog pound at 5:00. Today is his last chance to seduce an adopter… can he do it before his time runs out?

The Gunslingers (3:16)
Written by Efehan Elbi, Aaron Manczyk, & Zak Tatham / Directed by Efehan Elbi

Aaron and Zak, two best friends, dream of a future based on their favorite gunslinging hero, although it’s possible neither of them actually read the book.

Toumai (4:10)
Written by Brian Kinkley, Jessica Lynn, & Carlos Stevens / Directed by Carlos Stevens

This is the story of Mankind’s destructive battle against nature in his attempt to build the ultimate machine. In the end, he pays the ultimate price for his delinquency.


The Burger (6:08)
Written by Meghan McDonough / Directed by Anna Bolt & Meghan McDonough

Complications arise between a couple ordering lunch when the one who is a vegetarian wants the other to order a burger so she can have a bite.

Dinner with Raphael (10:28)
Written & Directed by Joey Boukadakis

A guy brings his girlfriend home to meet his family, including his brother who thinks he’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Love… Stinks (3:07)
Written & Directed by Tom Kiesche

Night. Guy. Girl. A ride home… Oops. Someone made a funny. Shot under the challenges of no added lights. No added post sounds. No added props. No crew…

Paul, Playboy of the Popular World (12:17)
Written by Anne-Marie Symons & Cindy Merrill / Directed by Norris Houk III

Paul decides to try speed dating, but a string of bizarre dates leave him feeling hopeless, until he meets Laura, the girl of his dreams. If only love could be so simple.

Spank Bank (21:00)
Written & Directed by Richard Amadril

After a year of sexual frustration, John turns to a mysterious invention called the Spank Bank – a microchip that makes all your dreams feel real. John can’t believe his luck until he realizes a strange consequence – if his mind believes dreams are reality, how will he know when he’s awake?

Stealing Second (12:01)
Written & Directed by Alex Richanbach

This comedy is about talking to girls… and touching a boob. Stealing Second has been featured by, and the trailer was a Top User Pick and Official Featured Pick on, the website founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Judd Apatow, and Chris Henchy.


A*****e of the West (8:47)
Written & Directed by Matt Oswalt

Widmar and Levi ride through the desert with a key that unlocks a fortune. Maybe it’s the heat, greed, or desperation, but Widmar turns on his old friend, steals the key, and leaves Levi mortally wounded. But the key doesn’t fit. Now Widmar is coming back, but this time Levi is ready.

Born That Way (9:39)
Written by Tony McNeal & Delta Zulu / Directed by Tony McNeal

When ex-con and hard-as-nails Jake Green (Kevin Gage from Heat, Con Air, Blow) finally gets a chance to see his daughter after six months, he takes her out for a quick bite only to wind up in the middle of an armored car heist. The violent incident leaves a lasting impression on his daughter and influences her choice to pursue a dangerous and lucrative career later in life.

Interpretation (9:11)
Written by Lin Oeding & Matt Olmstead / Directed by Lin Oeding

A romantic couple’s brief encounter with a few philosophical thugs unfolds in an unusual way. After this night, no one will be the same. Everyone is learning something new…

Tea and Remembrance (8:04)
Written & Directed by Ron Yuan

A man realizes his dreams may be memories of another life. A woman is haunted by the same repetitive visions as she tries to decipher answers through her artwork. Chance encounters with strangers could be the only link to either their past or future. The journey begins… with a little Tea and Remembrance…

Trunk (10:20)
Written by Nathan Frankowski, Kevin Miller, & Matt Chandler / Directed by Nathan Frankowski

Two brothers, Cecil and Daryl, make a deal to offload an old Chevy to Ritter, a local cop. The night the deal is supposed to go down, Daryl shows up with a horrible surprise in the trunk.

Trunk (20:55)
Written by Christopher D’Elia & Michael Klein / Directed by Christopher D’Elia

A deadly accident viciously spins the moral compass of two college students in this thriller/dark comedy set in the desert. Brilliantly acted by Kyle Gallner (The Shield, Veronica Mars) and Zachery Bryan (Home Improvement), this is an intense roller-coaster ride with twists and turns you’ll never see coming.


The Biggest lil’ Shrimp in Town! (10:42)
Directed by Ray “The Owl Man” Dwyer

This short follows a man trying to sell hundreds of pounds of shrimp on the side of the street, to the people of New Orleans… a shrimp eater’s paradise.

Coney Island’s for the Birds (15:05)
Directed by Alexis Neophytides

This doc takes us to the quirky underground world of pigeon racing, spotlighting Anthony and Larry Martire, a father-and-son racing team. From training to the actual races, through wins and losses, we witness the Martires’ ups and downs and get an intimate glimpse into a special relationship, bonded by their shared love of these amazing rooftop creatures.

Drag King (7:49)
Directed by Don Lewis & John Beck

Each summer, residents of Lake County, California, come together for “The Fiberglass 500,” a race in which people pull old, beat-up boats around a race track with their demolition derby cars, trying to rip one another’s boats to shreds! The last man (or woman) standing wins!

Flying Full Circle (10:42)
Directed by Brian J. Terwilliger

This doc is about living out a childhood dream. Filmmaker Brian J. Terwilliger’s passion for aviation was sparked by seeing the Blue Angels perform. That passion later became the genesis of his film, One Six Right, which makes this invitation to fly with the Blue Angels an extraordinary experience that came full circle.

Trombone Shorty (6:22)
Directed by Eric Alan Donaldson & L. Lonnie Peralta

An after-the-storm look at New Orleans’ next-generation musical prodigy, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews. From the historic, yet troubled, Treme neighborhood, this 21-year-old has worked tirelessly to beat the odds so he can do what he loves most… play his horn. Features Bo Diddley (1928 – 2008).


Alice & Huck (14:54)
Written by R.W. Gray / Directed by Kaleena Kiff

This film explores timing and desire in a universe where it’s possible to try, try again. Two people search for the right time or place to connect. In parallel universes, they stumble across each other, in moments of heartbreak, impossibility, in the arms of others, finally colliding.

Keepsake (5:00)
Directed by Juan Feldman

After a heartbreaking night for Suzanne, a stiff drink is much needed. Wandering into a bar late that night, she shares the old classic wooden bar with a local customer who drinks coffee. He would love to speak with her, but he is too shy and respectful to invade her space while she is upset. She will forget that terrible night, but he will always remember the mysterious woman who conquered his heart.

The Last Time I Saw Rachel (14:40)
Written & Directed by David Kenneth Ciszewski

Bill is a traveler searching for his place in the world; Rachel is on the straight and narrow without looking back. Through a series of seemingly insignificant events, we watch their bond grow, strengthen, seem unbreakable, decay, and ultimately fade away.

Ping Pong (11:37)
Written by Amanda Marshall & Erwann G. Marshall / Directed by Erwann G. Marshall

Molly and Brian are happy, but are they meant to be? They visit Soulmates, a clinic claiming to predict if a relationship will last. Surprised by the unconventional testing measures, but along for the ride, the couple finds out more about each other than either bargained for.

True Beauty This Night (10:29)
Written & Directed by Peter Besson

Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now, all he has to do is convince her that she’s the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.

Unnoticed (6:00)
Written by Amanda Smith / Directed by Danny LeGare

What we’re waiting for could be sitting right in front of us the whole time – and if we don’t take the time to look, it may go “unnoticed.”


The Big Idea (8:14)
Written & Directed by Michael Rutherford

Stanley Pikarski is a naively-optimistic, hen-pecked father of two, stuck in an unexciting life and loveless marriage. In this mockumentary-style comedy, Stanley reveals his plan to become famous in Hollywood. His wife Iris isn’t quite as optimistic about his chances.

Compact Only (13:52)
Written & Directed by Pamela Green

Al’s favorite Hawaiian restaurant has stopped his delivery. Now, one street separates him from his Chicken Katsu passion. Thinking quickly, he has it delivered to a trendy supermarket parking lot. But this will be no ordinary meal, as Al experiences a world that makes an African watering hole look tame.

Freight Train (23:48)
Written by Brent A. Tarnol / Directed by John Stronach

A teenage girl’s decision to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, out of spite for her father, leads to an unexplainable, highly accelerated birth. This character-driven dark comedy shows the trials and tribulations of young love, overbearing parents, and growing up at a “freight train’s” pace.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (10:12)
Written & Directed by Richard Gale

The epic story of one man’s encounter with what could be the most relentless murderer of all time, with perhaps the most inefficient weapon in history.

Superglue (17:52)
Written & Directed by Billy Duberstein

Dave, a starving screenwriter new to L.A., is invited for dinner by his distant cousin Paul, an established actor on a daytime soap. Dave initially resists the invitation, but upon hearing that Paul takes gourmet cooking lessons and has an underwear-model girlfriend (Lauren), he eagerly accepts… But Dave soon finds himself “stuck” in a situation between Paul and Lauren from which he can only pray he will escape!


Coons (14:54)
Written & Directed by Chris Cloyd

An innocent joyride is not all it seems when Rich discovers that his brother and a friend have kidnapped a black teen and thrown him in the back of their truck. Trapped with his brother’s girlfriend, it becomes clear that the humiliation and cruelty are but a prelude to the true purpose of the drive: a lynching.

In the Dark (16:39)
Written by Alex Fazeli & Tom Westfall / Directed by Alex Fazeli

On the eve of Ayatollah Khomeini’s return to Iran, a double agent, hunted by the new revolutionary government, agrees to exchange crucial information with the CIA in return for safe passage out of the country.

In the Wind (18:29)
Written by Sam Riley / Directed by Martin Papazian

A soldier returns to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans only to discover that the place where he grew up has collapsed in his absence. This film explores America’s relationship with her young men and women in uniform and how she receives them when they find her shores again.

Old Dogs (13:51)
Written by Jonathan & Tom Fahn / Directed by Jonathan Fahn

Three guys in their seventies (John Saxon, Basil Hoffman, Larry Gelman) reclaim their vitality when mistakenly picking up a bag full of cocaine puts them between the cops and the mob. Phil LaMarr also stars. It’s Cocoon meets Pulp Fiction…

Step Seven (12:46)
Written & Directed by Christopher Luccy

Richard Miller (Ian Ziering) is just like you. A holier-than-thou, middle-aged nobody, self-satisfied in a world of mindless distraction. Until the day he realizes the truth. What really matters. This is the story of his new life.


Collector (14:46)
Written & Directed by Dempsey James Tillman

Justin Sayer (Brad Renfro) suffers from a mental illness that causes vivid hallucinations. The voices in his head have caused him to isolate himself from the world and from his two-year-old son. After several unsuccessful attempts by visiting therapists to cure him, Justin attempts to hide his illness from a new therapist. This therapist is unlike the others.

Down a Dark Road (5:20)
Written & Directed by Greg Thompson

When a convicted murderer, released from prison, exacts his revenge on the attorney who prosecuted his case, the two men find themselves locked in a dangerous game as one seeks revenge and the other justice. But the lines quickly blur in this deadly game, when lives are shattered in a kidnapping gone tragically wrong.

Family Recipes (12:42)
Written by Spence Griffeth / Directed by Cosmos Kiindarius

When threatened with being fired by the new owner of her family’s restaurant, a young cook turns to some old family secrets to keep her dream of being a head chef alive.

Lenore (10:28)
Written & Directed by Asli Sonceley

Allan lives in a house haunted by the memories of his bride. The house creeps, creaks, and closes in on him. It keeps him sleepless and forces him to face the secret locked behind the attic door.

Pluzman (12:09)
Written by Daniel Strange / Directed by Alex Hart & Daniel Strange

Henry Pluzman is a struggling writer desperate to overcome his writer’s block. After hypnotic suggestion enables him to write while in a trance, his success seems assured. But things begin to spin out of control when Henry gets jealous of himself…


The Dreaming (11:32)
Written by Anthony Green & Emma Knight / Directed by Anthony Green

A nomad travels through a pristine forest, living in perfect harmony with his environment. All alone in a cabin surrounded by woods, a young boy searches for meaning in a vivid recurring dream. In a sterile urban hospital, an elderly man struggles to make sense of the world he is leaving behind. Bound by a common past and a shared future, these lives become tangled in the prophetic world of dreams.

Gone Fishing (12:54)
Written & Directed by Chris Jones

This is the touching story of a boy and an old man coming to terms with bereavement through their shared love of fishing, and the legend of Goliath, the biggest pike ever caught!

Intersect (16:41)
Written & Directed by Maura Milan

Victoria, a high school student, goes on a long-awaited camping trip with her father only to find out that he is bringing his new 20-year-old girlfriend along for the ride.

Open Your Eyes (13:56)
written & Directed by Susan Cohen

Struggling to come to terms with her life and marriage after breast cancer, Julia gets more than she bargained for when she attends a bridal shower and finds herself locked in a bathroom with a stranger.

The Sacrifice (14:55)
Written & Directed by Diane Namm

Starring Chris Mulkey (Cloverfield), Darby Stanchfield (Mad Men), Jon Lindstrom (General Hospital), and Molly Quinn (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) and featuring Richard Riehle (Office Space), this story shows what happens on the day that cult leader, Rev. Dobbins, comes to take 13-year-old Esmee Johnson as his bride, and her family resists.


00:05’01 (6:01)
Written & Directed by Brian Winterton

A scenic work about nature, human nature, and the unknown, this story chronicles one Future Human who begins to question her routine way of life, a life controlled by her watch. As the film states: Every day, each human is allowed only five minutes on the surface.

Bohemibot (25:41)
Written & Directed by Brendan Bellomo

A great cyborg harpist, forced to serve as a pilot in the last war on his planet, struggles to overcome a debilitating injury and the loss of his family. His encounter with a young enemy captive reveals that even the din of war can never silence the voice of the heart.

Hangar No. 5 (11:07)
Written by Brock Wilbur / Directed by Nathan Matsuda

Two treasure hunters, looking for a rumored gold stockpile, sneak into an abandoned military base. When they accidentally activate a top-secret relic of the Cold War – a huge mobile weapons system – the pair must fight for survival or face explosive consequences.

Marooned? (14:19)
Written & Directed by Ryan Nagata

A middle-aged science-fiction nerd is role-playing as his favorite space hero out in the desert when he hits his head and becomes convinced he is a space hero for real. When he starts to suspect his role-playing buddy of being an enemy alien, what started as a ridiculous fantasy game becomes a matter of life and death.

Outsource (11:42)
Written by Dan Trezise & Aaron Sullivan / Directed by Dan Trezise

Max is about to awaken his long dormant desire for human contact. In his tiny cell of pure function and wall-to-wall screens, he performs menial tasks for the bourgeoisie through a robotic pod. When he discovers a way to communicate with Alice in the neighboring cell, he’ll stop at nothing to reach her.


The 2000 Man (14:53)
Written & Directed by Tim Kolesk
A post-apocalyptic comedy following a team of archaeologists struggling to find evidence of man’s past greatness. What they find will change the course of history… or perhaps just slightly alter it.

Becoming Roman (6:48)
Written & Directed by Nathan Morse

A classic tale about the struggle to escape seemingly preordained roles and the fragile reality of an existential being. Life, Death, Comedy, Tragedy, War and Peace, told in one act.

Rehabitat (6:28)
Written by Sean Ring & Steve Pantaleo / Directed by Rafal Kowalczyk & Sean Ring

Amber Radisson was once Hollywood’s hottest “it girl.” But after an embarrassing DUI arrest, how can a former A-List star get back on top? By filming her stay at rehab for the world to see, of course!

Speed Limit (5:20)
Written & Directed by Robert Hanousek

Driving fast, drunk or not, the cops are not in control. Learn how to get away with speeding in this fun and fast short.

Vroom-Vroom! (10:56)
Written & Directed by Tess Sweet

After getting dumped by her boyfriend and stranded in the middle of the desert, a heartbroken woman meets an eccentric Mexican trucker with a toolbox full of miracles and an invitation to a magical place.

The War of Game (13:19)
Co-Written/Directed by Brandon Lawrence & Jacob Cooney

Having an imagination is key to living a complete life, but what if it begins to blur your line with reality? Jimmy is your average guy. He has a girlfriend, great friends, and a good job as a substitute teacher. The only problem is that he’s obsessed with video games. Watch as he toes the line between reality and fantasy while embarking on his mission to defeat the Masked Warrior.


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