By Brian Bertoldo | November 8, 1999

A roaming pizza deliveryman for hire takes on a gang of hoodlums who have been pulling the old “double pizza call and snatch” routine on a hard working pizzeria owner.
Tony’s (Michæl Gregory) got a problem. His pizzeria’s loosing money on its offer of guaranteed delivery and his drivers keep quitting. It seems that one particular regular customer, a two-bit shake down artist named Billy Red (Michæl Goetz), orders pizzas but has his gang of goons intercept the delivery. Since Tony offers guaranteed delivery, when this “double pizza call and snatch” happens, he must give Billy a free pizza. Just when Tony’s at his wit’s end, in comes Johnny (Kenn Scott) to save the day. On Johnny’s first day the call from Billy comes in. In a series of well-choreographed and humorous fight sequences Johnny battles Billy’s henchmen to delivery the pizza on time. In each fight segment, Johnny displays his amazing martial arts abilities, all while keeping possession of the prized pizza.
Director Kenn Scott’s got a lot of experience in combining humor with martial arts; he played Raphæl in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. This time out, the costume is gone, appearing more like Jet Li and Jackie Chan than Barney with a kick.

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