Filmmaker Ellen Bruno is giving you no excuse to stay uninvolved with the pressing, persistent human rights issues happening over in Tibet, Cambodia and Burma. If your only knowledge of the dire straits surrounding these countries has to do with the Tibetan Freedom Concert and the Beastie Boys, then a visit to her online home, found at [ the Bruno Films website ] , will shed some light on the true nature of the struggle through Bruno’s award-winning films “Satya,” “Samsara,” and “Sacrifice”.
Ellen Bruno herself is a recipient of both Guggenheim and Rockefeller fellowships, and she is devoted not only to portraying the human rights issues of the above countries beautifully, and accurately, on film, but she also goes a level beyond and links visitors to her page to online resources, book lists, and an oustanding “Take Action” section that serves as a direct cyber-channel to organizations that need volunteer assistance.
For those who just want to view the films, which have taken home honors from Sundance and many, many other festivals, complete ordering information is also available. To see the big picture, go to [ Ellen Bruno’s website. ]

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