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By Mark Bell | January 23, 2006

Yup, Embarrassing Condo Moment #2 for your viewing pleasure. Gore’s upset that I haven’t gotten anyone else, but so far he’s been the most consistent in the “doing something embarrassing” department.

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In other news, just been doing my thing, watching movies, writing reviews and shooting video. I was able to attend the Outfest / Here! Network Gay and Lesbian Brunch the other day and got a couple interviews with folks like John Waters and Kirby Dick. Also saw Malcolm Ingram (one-time Film Threater who has gone on to making films) for three straight days. If I don’t see him at some point tonight, the streak will be over. Unfortunately I was unable to attend his premiere of “small town gay bar” (or as we like to call it, “Pete’s Jacket”) otherwise I wouldn’t be worried about the streak ending.

And now, some pics:

Funnyman John Bernstein, myself and Eric “Long Tongue” Campos enjoying ourselves at a party… though the way that door is there, it looks like we’re in someone’s apartment.

The Rotten Tomatoes posse hanging with the Film Threat crew. Where’s Mark? THERE HE IS!!!

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Oh, Jen… I meant “The,” not “THE.” And if it wasn’t the first word of the caption, it wouldn’t even be capitalized. I’m sorry that you’re somehow missing from the photos and video I have (which is really strange, you were there I just have no proof). Are you, mayhaps, a vampire?

    Great seeing you and the RT crew. Hope it’s the beginning of a film festival tradition.

  2. jen from rt says:

    THE Rotten Tomatoes posse, huh? Is that the WHOLE posse, or is there maybe someone missing? Someone really important?? Hmmm? Like RT’s super fabulous other editor Jen? Without whom Sundance would have been a complete sausage fest, instead of just mostly a sausage fest?

    Whatever, Mark Bell. Whatever.



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