By Film Threat Staff | March 22, 2004

Don’t get pissed at us if you didn’t win a signed Jersey Girl poster. It’s not our fault your idea sucked.
Anyway, over a week ago we asked you, our readers, to come up with an idea for a “Chasing Amy” sequel. The best three win a signed poster of Kevin Smith’s latest, Jersey Girl. We’ve sifted through the entries to bring you our big wieners, so here they are in no particular order:
Title: “Tracing Amy” ^ After Holden writes a new book (a sequel to “Chasing Amy”) centering around Alyssa, it becomes a smash hit, sparking Banky’s intense jealousy and greatly complicating Alyssa’s personal and professional life. ^ – Kimberly Suresh Bellow
This one’s so plausible that it’s scary. And you gotta love that title.
Title: “Chasing Matt” ^ After being scarred from his pseudo-lesbian encounter, Ben’s character explains his blatant homosexuality. ^ – Brad Peterson
Funny’s funny.
Title: “Chasing Amy 2: Conventional Wisdom” ^ Bitter after a bad relationship, Banky holds Holden to a half-drunken promise to one day give up on relationships and hit the road and travel on the comic book convention circuit – unaware of the ex-lover who is desperately trying to track him down. ^ – Adam Hackbarth
As long as they don’t decide to make “Comic Book the Movie Part 2” on their journeys, we’re all over seeing this one.

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