By Admin | April 12, 2009

Goddamnit, I love blasphemy and you can’t get much more blasphemous than Vin Morrone’s “Beaster”. This horror short depicts the Resurrection of Christ as how I would like to imagine it – a bloody zombie nightmare. Watch Jesus rise from the grave and chow down on everyone in his path. Watch Pontius Pilate make a bold attempt to put Big J down for good. Watch your a*s if you have your Bible on you while watching this film as it’s most likely to burst into flame.

Of course, there’s a good helping of humor found in this short – how could there not be? The well-timed jokes mixed with the absurdity of the piece will keep viewers laughing even though they’ll be gagging at the same time due to all of the graphic violence and gore. It’s also fun for the kids.

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