By Admin | September 8, 2003

There’s just no argument about it – MTV is damn near good for nothing. They really don’t show music videos anymore and their original shows suck…yeah, even “The Osbournes.” We’re done with that s**t. Enough already!

One thing MTV is good at, however, is chewing up young comics and spitting them out, sucked dry of all their original flavor and appeal. Pauly Shore is one of many of these comics and he’s back to agree with you that yes, he sucks. Or that he used to suck anyway.

Directed by and starring Paul Montgomery Shore, “Pauly Shore is Dead” is an autobiographical look, of sorts, at the decline of the former MTV personality’s career, which ends up throwing us into some alternate universe where Pauly fakes his death and draws sympathy from all of his detractors. It just gets weirder from there and it’s clear that the comedian is having a good time poking fun at himself.

With the wounds having been self-inflicted, Pauly took some time with us to talk about his directorial debut.

Get the interview in part two of PAULY SHORE: KISS MY WIEZEL>>>

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