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By Phil Hall | July 20, 2004

The Baltimore dynamo Jimmy Traynor is back behind the camera after a too-long hiatus. His first new flick is a five-minute comic short called “Bear Movement” and it is quite a cute movie.

Three young siblings (two boys and a girl) share a bedroom. The brothers play a prank on their sister and hide her prized teddy bear while she is brushing her teeth. When the girl brings their mother into the room to find the teddy bear, the boys pretend to be asleep and thus avoid interrogation. But when all lights are out in the house, the teddy bear comes to life and offers some revenge on the naughty kids.

“Bear Movement” applies stop-action effects to animate the teddy bear’s actions. The special effects are, admittedly, not the most sophisticated. Yet the film’s delightfully warped notion of a teddy bear having a picnic on nasty little children is more than enjoyable, and Traynor further ices the cake by bringing his long-time leading lady, the beautiful Peechee Neric, into the mix as the harried mother trying to keep order in a house full of bratty children and a dangerous teddy bear. All told, “Bear Movement” is an ursine delight.

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