By Admin | February 14, 2002

It’s not really an ode to Eisenstein’s film, but for those of you who are looking to spice up your game of Battleship, then you should check this film out if at all possible.
A rather quiet game of Battleship between lovers turns to violence as with every ship that’s sunk, the defeated player receives a blow from their opponent. These blows start off as punches to the arm and slaps to the face with the violence only escalating from there. Let me just say that seeing both players are drinking wine, a wine bottle is close within reach.
As violent as it is, “Battleship Contempkin” isn’t gory or anything. In fact, the violence is of the Looney Tunes breed. It’s a cute piece and it proves that you don’t need tons of money or a completely mind-boggling idea to make a good film. This short was shot on video with the two actors in a kitchen. My hat’s off to them. And now I’m off to find somebody I really hate to challenge them to a game of Battleship.

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