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By Film Threat Staff | July 1, 2002

“Chronotrip,” a documentary on the science, science-fiction and philosophy of time travel, will be screened at Comic-Con 2002 at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, August 2nd, 2002.
“Chronotrip” is the second film from Jeff Cioletti, whose Star Wars-themed documentary, “Millennium’s End: The Fandom Menace,” was screened at Comic-Con two years ago. The new film features insight from physicists and philosophers, as well as science fiction writers, actors and fans. The participants debate and discuss the scientific plausibility of time travel and the metaphysical paradoxes associated with it. Special focus is placed on the themes explored in the long-running British science-fiction series Doctor Who, which chronicled the adventures of a time-traveling protagonist. Chronotrip is Cioletti’s second feature-length film. Two years ago he released “Millennium’s End: The Fandom Menace, a documentary chronicling Star Wars fans’ anticipation for “Episode I.”
“The concept of time travel has fascinated me ever since I was a kid and I felt it was a fitting theme to explore in my second film,”Cioletti noted. “As my first sci-fi-related documentary tied into space, this one ties into time. It’s a natural progression.”
For more information, check out Jeff’s official Web site at Fad Productions, or e-mail him at

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  1. Tap Ten says:

    Absolutely one of the most amatuerish attempts at film or documentary ever attemted. If it was a high school assignment it would have been a C. In A way it was both funny and irritating.

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