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By Mark Bell | November 27, 2007

Today has marked the online cluster-bombardment of cinema images from such much-anticipated films as “The Dark Knight,” “Indiana Jones and the Cave of the Tomb of the Ark of the Ladder of the Home of the Monkey’s Paw-Encrusted Kingdom of the George Lucas Probably Picked This Lame-A*s Crystal Skull Bullshit Title” and “Watchmen.”

First, from Empire Magazine, here’s an image of the cover of their January 2008 issue, thanks to, with cover-boy the Joker:

Nice shoes, Mr. J! And those socks! I will say this, the Ledger Joker has already scared the Hell out of me in a John Wayne Gacy type of way…

Next pic up comes from the gang at AICN, which is an image of Harrison “Indiana Jones” Ford and his greaser son (heir to the fedora) Shia LeBeouf:

I think they’re looking for Harrison Ford’s personality in this picture, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Final image of the entry comes from Warner Brothers, who have posted a ton of backlot “Watchmen” pics over at their site. The most interesting one, however, involves a Nixon poster, some “Who Watches the Watchmen” graffiti and, oh yeah, Rorschach himself:

There you have it, enough movie geek imagery to load your afternoon with visions of playing cards, murder, whips and Richard Nixon. YEAH!

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    The Joker looks awesome!!

  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww Shyit!! The Joker’s looking creepy as hell!

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