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By Film Threat Staff | September 4, 2002

“Cocktail” and Coyote Ugly tell the squeaky clean, if not completely friggin’ ridiculous, version of what it’s like to work and serve a horde of slobbering drunks like your friends at Film Threat. But squeaky clean isn’t how we like our scene and that’s why we’re thankful that Shawn Smith and Project FIST Productions are stepping up to the plate in an attempt to tell it like it is from the other side of the bar with “Bar None the Movie.”
Let’s just say it is about time for a film to come along which represents the genuine nature of alcohol. Many films have tried, but only few have succeeded in the portrayal of the quickened state of inebriation. Project FIST Productions is comprised of a collective group of individuals who have worked in the bar industry for years; and yes, we have seen it all from the spectacular women, the penny pinching owners, tough bouncers and of course all of the sloppy drunks. Therefore, we felt it our calling to deliver such a message that reflects all of the aforementioned, and much more.
Put your brass knuckles on cuz it’s time to drink!
Drop by the “Bar None” website to wet your whistle.

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