By Admin | September 16, 2005

More like Bangkok friggin’ Miserable. Don’t let the purty graphics of this DVD’s cover art fool you. Also, don’t be drawn in by the fact that this is a Pang Brothers film. Oxide and Danny Pang have been showered with props over the last few years, undeserved as they are. The Eye was cool, if a little goofy, but have you seen anything else these guys have done? Try Bangkok Dangerous and “Abnormal Beauty.” Stink City for sure. And now they’ve done it again with this horror anthology of sorts that acts like a Sleeping Pill from the Crypt. In fact, the stories contained within this two-plus-hour movie are so dull and lifeforce draining, you’ll swear that they’re all just one story. I was so bored I didn’t notice the beginning of one story and the beginning of another. There’s something about a haunted drum, ghostly lovers, suicide and…I dunno and I don’t care. Neither will you.

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