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By Doug Brunell | July 30, 2004

If you enjoy the kind of comedy Monty Python likes to dish out, you’ll want to find this film, which is a serious crime drama about a bank robbery. The cops show up a little too early, and the one robber (Jhon Doria) is forced to take a hostage to ensure his escape. He is pursued by a no-nonsense lieutenant (Gordon Clapp), who wants the robber caught and the hostage saved with no blood spilled. Obviously that won’t be the case.

So why would fans of those dry British comedians enjoy this? It has a delightful sense of the absurd, which I can’t give away without spoiling the short film’s entire hook. Once you see it, though, you’ll understand what I mean. It makes the entire picture kind of surreal, and — better yet — it works.

And for all you “NYPD Blue” fans, which I am one of, not only do you get to see Clapp acting as a more serious policeman, if you’re quick
You’ll also spot Austin Majors. It’s like a double bonus.

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