By Admin | May 23, 2012

Steve (Jeff Richards) and Andy (Craig Sawyer) are best friends, living in a shitty apartment, lounging around in their underwear, drinking beer. What could be better? Unfortunately for these two winners, Andy gambles away their rent money on a curling match (it’s funny because nothing is more ridiculous than curling). These two buddies need to find a way to pay off their large, black, knuckle-cracking bookie before he breaks their necks like he breaks that plastic remote, so they decide to rob Andy’s aunt and uncle’s antique shop.

The situation is a little obvious and predictable, and the plugged-in, silly details don’t help. The first half of the movie consists of the friends playing “remember when” in order to establish the relationship and clarify that they are definitely not gay, a mix-up the bookie exploits in a not-so-funny gay-bashing session. The funniest part of the film is Chi Chi Navarro (see, it’s funny already) and John Del Regno’s performances as Aunt Alice and Uncle Robert. But the two elderly folks are only in the film for a few seconds and then we’re back to the clichéd boys will be boys plotline.

Bad Mofos is not a bad short film by any means. Director Kevin Brinn has created something that looks good and sounds good, but the film is not original by any means. These kinds of get-rich-quick-gone-wrong plots seem to saturate short films and no matter what the details – curling vs. boxing, big black bookie vs. big Hispanic bookie, Aunt’s store vs. any other small business – these films are all going to look the same.

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  1. John Del Regno says:

    I have a part in Bad Mofos and I am confused by this critics review. No where in the script or final cut is there anything that could be “gay bashing”.To make this accusation without any specifics but the imagination of the writer contributes to the decline of Hollywood. This is Orwellian in it’s damage done to the creative process that artist have to make sure they don’t offend anyone unintentionally.It also undermines your own cause by crying wolf constantly when there IS NO WOLF>

  2. Tally Isham says:

    The trailer for this made it look like it goes for much longer than 10 minutes. I find it odd that someone would cut a trailer for a movie of this length. May as well just show the movie!

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