By Chris Parcellin | August 29, 2001

The rough-and-tumble world of indie cinema is full of thousands of small-time actors, directors and writers who are looking to come up with that breakthrough film that will skyrocket them to the top like the flukey and abysmal “Blair Witch Project” did for some rotten hacks a couple of years ago.
And in the case of most B-movie actresses, they are content to stay in that same gig of working in cruddy, low-budget sexploitation flicks while pining away for power lunches with Mr. Spielberg.
One rising starlet has decided to take matters into her own hands. She is Tina Krause, a shapely, savvy twentysomething brunette who has been wowing audiences for several years now in a lot of sexy but little-seen horror movies like Seduction Cinema’s “Vampire’s Seduction” and “Dungeon of Death 2”, as well as campy softcore romps like “Titanic 2000.” Krause’s new role is as a producer with her own company Fracture Films and as director on the indie feature “Limbo.”
You were “discovered” at a Chiller convention. Can you tell us about that? ^ Sure, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time. I was walking around the convention and WAVE (a production company) spotted me, asked me if I can act and bingo! I’ve been acting ever since.
Since you were at a horror convention–is it safe to assume that you were a fan of the genre beforehand? Were you someone who always dreamed about being in films? ^ Okay, I can’t say I was a fan of horror. In fact, the tickets belonged to an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was supposed to take me to my first Chiller show but broke up with me right before it–so he never came back to get his tickets. I took my little sister because she wanted a Jason mask. I never had any intentions on becoming an actress, mostly because I don’t like to memorize things.
What’s it like being a starlet in the B-movie industry? ^ Well, it’s different I have to say. To think that I’d ever be anything like this was not in my original plans but now I guess it’s kinda cool in a really weird way.
You’ve had some pretty sexy roles in those Seduction Cinema films. What’s your take on doing those sorts of parts? ^ Oh, boy. Is this a trick question? Well, that depends on what you mean by sexy. I’d much rather have more challenging roles like comedy or drama, which I am pursuing at the moment.
Understood. Do those low budget flicks pay much? Or is it more about getting exposure? ^ Some of them pay okay and some don’t. It’s a toss up — but for the most part it’s about exposure. I’ve worked on some low-budget stuff that I can’t wait to see the finished product, because I know that if it gets seen by the right people then we can use it to our benefit.
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