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By Rory L. Aronsky | January 12, 2005

I’d write to the various bank companies to complain about the drab bank buildings, but I’m pretty sure of the answer I’d get: “The buildings you speak of are not built for your amusement. Rather, they are there solely for the purpose of transferring money through various methods.” What about a disco ball? A stripper’s pole? ANYTHING??!!!??
Tell that to the bank employee (Daniel Mejak) whose so bored that he resorts himself to trying out different variations on the phrase, “May I Help You?” (“MAY I help you?” “MAY I HELP YOU?” “May I HELP You?”), even going so far as to perform a brief cheerleading routine (“May I help you…may-may I help you???”).
The boredom is ready to wrap around his brain so tight and choke his cells to death, until a customer comes along. But this customer is unlike anything we’ve probably ever seen in any movie involving customers of any kind. Besides the employee’s variations on said phrase, the customer is the major highlight of “Autobank”, wide-eyed and really f*****g crazy. As if it couldn’t get any better, a conversation between the employee and a female customer comes along during the credits and she says that she needs to cash a paycheck but doesn’t have a deposit slip. He asks her if she has a photo ID and she asks, “Oh, you mean like a driver’s license?”
Just see “Autobank” and bask in the work of a director who, with his continuing efforts, will make the world safe from sterile places like banks and cafeterias in office buildings.

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