Whether you’re a seasoned film activist or just an upstart revolutionary, the Austin Cinemaker Co-op wants to see your personal manifesto on Super 8 film. “Against the Grain: Vive La Revolucion” is meant to inspire the rebel filmmaker in everyone, so get out that camera and pull a 4 x 4…all entries must be no longer than four minutes in length, and may contain no more than four splices. Use any actors, any budget, and any means necessary.
Entry forms are awaiting at the Cinemaker office at [ 1705 Guadalupe, Suite 201, Austin, TX. ] The deadline is [ November 27 by 6:30pm ] at the Cinemaker office, and selected entries will be screened in an “all-out cinemabash” on [ December 3rd and 4th, 2000 ] .
For more, including information on equipment rental and other Cinemaker goings-on, see the [ Austin Cinemaker Co-op website. ]

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