By Chris Parcellin | December 5, 2003

It’s safe to say that Playmate Victoria Fuller didn’t spend her teen years like most future Playboy centerfolds. That’s because during that time, urged on by a boyfriend, the statuesque blonde took up bodybuilding and became a muscle-bound health nut. Luckily, for the folks over at Hugh Hefner’s magazine Fuller eventually got sick of looking like a big palooka and wanted to be a bit more feminine again. That’s when the Santa Clara, California born beauty started modeling and caught the eye of a scout from the Bunny empire. In 1996 she lived her dream of getting bare-assed in America’s favorite skin magazine.

Prior to all that Fuller says she was a shy, quiet nerd of a kid who grew up in tiny Camarillo, California. She spent most of her time alone in her room doing sketches. But her folks soon stuck her on the local swim team and she dutifully went out and won “countless” ribbons ’til she hit her teens and rebellion set in. She quit the team and got in with the wrong crowd. “I was kicked out of Christian church for dying my hair blue and carving a crucifix on the back of my hand,” she says. She also started sneaking looks at her father’s stash of Playboy‘s–always the first step towards eternal damnation.

According to Fuller she digs the idea of being an artist more than an actress, but she did manage to make guest appearances on “Married…With Children” as well as a steamy cameo in a Playboy produced video “Playmate Erotic Adventures.” But lately she has managed to land herself a small role in the upcoming biopic “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” which is based-on the autobiography of wacko game show host Chuck Barris (of “The Gong Show”)–who also claims to have had another career as a hitman for the CIA.

As for Fuller, she continues to push her artistic career—including an exclusive deal with Playboy to produce artwork based-on images related to the magazine. And she goes after the occasional film role simply to pay the bills.

Victoria bares all in part two of ART AND HONOR: VICTORIA FULLER, RELUCTANT ACTRESS>>>

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