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By Don R. Lewis | June 9, 2008

It was once said that there’s one concept a guy can never get enough of, and that concept is a man and his monkey. Writer/director Bob Ray obviously believes that as he’s launched an internet cartoon called “Ape S**t” in which mellow college guy Bruce has struck up a friendship with one f-ed up monkey named Albert. Bruce is the straight man to Albert’s drug induced, alcohol swigging, poop throwing primate and if you like Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” you’ll probably love “Ape S**t.” In fact, upon further inspection the show is part of “Super Deluxe” which was just bought up by Cartoon Network so, there you go. That being said, “Ape S**t” is definitely not for kids nor is it particularly safe for work. You’ve been warned.

While the episode I saw, entitled “Wa-Hoo” was a good taste (so to speak) of what the cartoon is all about, I think the “Ape S**t” crew would have been better served waiting until there was five or more episodes available to watch before dropping their tiny load onto the already animation over-saturated internets. As it stands now their site boasts a few teasers and one funny (but so short it seems broken) episode called “Butterface” in which Albert, Bruce, a peg legged bunny and their Matthew-McConaughey-as-Wooderson-channeling pal McKoonahoon explain to one another what a chick who is a “Butterface” is…incorrectly explaining I should say.

But the one full episode I saw bodes well for the series as the computer animation is simple yet clever and the voice work is funny. Plus there were 5-6 solid one-liners I’ll be using in the mere four minutes and change of “Wa-Hoo.” Given time, “Ape S**t” will definitely have a nice fan base but I wish there were more to dig into today.

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