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By Doug Brunell | November 8, 2005

If you need one reason to watch “Apartment 12,” it’s this: Beth Ulrich. Ulrich is everything the media makes Sandra Bullock out to be and more. She is the beautiful girl next door who can be one of the guys without losing her femininity, and she is a pleasure to watch. Fantastic looks aside, she is an actress who has mastered her craft (unless, that is, her character here is exactly how she is in real life). Now that that’s off my chest, I can continue making banal comments about a movie hardly anyone will see.
“Apartment 12” is a simple film about a painter named Alex (Mark Ruffalo) who can’t get a gallery showing to save his life. He also can’t keep his hands on his model girlfriend. She dumps him, and he moves into an apartment building straight out of a sitcom, complete with wacky neighbors and a nosey advice dispensing site manager named Ray (Alan Gelfant). When Lori (played by Ulrich) moves in across the hall, Alex finds himself attracted to her while at the same time being repulsed by her lifestyle. (She’s fresh out of the Air Force and knows next to nothing about art. She is a nasty shot with a handgun, though.) Seeing as Alex is a painter, and most painters are self-absorbed whiny morons, it’s a safe bet that he is going to mess things up before somehow setting them straight. Before that happens, however, you can take great pleasure in watching Alex torture himself (his mental breakdown while driving is something everyone needs to see).
Folks, this is a funny movie despite the fact that it centers around a painter. There are quite a few chaotic moments where you’ll be hard pressed not to laugh out loud, which is freakin’ refreshing. Then there’s the incredible cast.
The top billing is shared by Ruffalo, Ulrich and Gelfant, but the other actors are just as talented as these three young hopefuls, who are perfect for their roles. And let it be noted that I hope to see Ulrich again. She is an undiscovered talent that needs to be cast in a huge movie so that she can show just how much a*s she can kick. Compared to her, Bullock is stale (and should stick to lame ABC comedies), and Julia Roberts can go back to being a prostitute because Ulrich should be America’s new starlet.

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  1. Ibrahim says:

    I watched the movie and loved it.
    But I lookked for it on the net, and I hardly find articles.
    I can’t find the movie anywhere on the net. And the only copy I found was a Russian dubbing voices.
    Nice work, but hasn’t had the chance for the world to see it.
    Thanks for the topic

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