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By Eric Campos | October 13, 2003

Which do you prefer – directing, producing, or acting?
I really don’t know. Most of the time I’m doing more than one so I can’t really choose. I’m looking forward to doing more projects that aren’t ours so maybe I can concentrate on acting. I’d also like to try directing other projects that I’m not producing.

What is your attitude towards the indie horror industry as a whole?
In my opinion, there are many different genres now that make up what most people consider “indie” or “B” movies. On one end you have the kids that don’t have a clue on what they’re doing. The have a camera, Kayro Syrup, and a girl willing to take her shirt off and they are considered indie or B-movie filmmakers. On the other end you have multi-million dollar movies that are done with a studio’s help being considered indie. I really look forward to the movies in between. Movies coming from Sub Rosa Studios and Tempe Entertainment are encouraging because they usually have good stories and are done well. They also make it into more mainstream markets and get seen by more viewers. Personally, I prefer the term “Outsider Cinema” for our films. I don’t want to be lumped in with the junk, but we’re definitely not “Hollywood Indie”.

What do you hope to achieve with your career?
I just want to have fun and entertain. We’ve already had a couple of our core group tell us that working on the movies has been great and fulfilled some of their dreams. That’s a great achievement.

What has been one of the weirdest con appearances for you?
Definitely CreepCon 2002. I showed up and had to help set up tables and escort guests (well, no one else was doing it)! It was a bad con for most involved, but I had fun. I showed Anthony Stewart Head to his table and got a hug!! It was (almost) worth traveling to Baltimore and not making much at all.

What refreshing liquid best keeps a con attendee on his/her feet?
Smirnoff Ice!

Any upcoming projects for you?
Many. We have a fun gore movie coming up. Then we are going to go very serious with the next one. Mike Watt wrote a fantastic script that’s going to be very challenging and hopefully very rewarding. There are a couple of things that I’m looking at scripts for, including a project with Keith Kline of Twisted Nightmare Productions. And we have a big project coming up with a lot of great people (including Amber Benson from “Buffy”!). I’m really looking forward to all of my upcoming projects.

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