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By Film Threat Staff | December 4, 2006

Are we one step closer to hi-quality, streaming video for all? Is this the next step in video piracy? Read on:

Azureus, the company behind the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) application for the distribution of large files, today launches a new digital media platform code named Zudeo ( The service enables content providers to easily publish, showcase, and distribute high resolution, long form content, including video and games in high definition or DVD quality over the Internet, at no cost. Published content is accessible at, as well as within the Zudeo application.

Boasting more than 130 million application downloads and an online community of users spanning 100 countries, award-winning Azureus commands the largest installed base of BitTorrent users in North America and Europe.

The latest version of the application (v3.0), code named Zudeo, offers many innovative features including, content discovery through search, browsing, channels and tagging, as well as easier integration with firewalls, and a completely revamped, easy-to-use interface. Additional features including P2P streaming will be released in the near future.

“Today, content owners and publishers can use Zudeo to freely promote and distribute their digital creations, without length or quality limitations. Furthermore, content creators and publishers can use our social networking tools to expose their content throughout the Web, including blogs and social networks”, said Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus. “Zudeo enables fans to access a growing catalog of high resolution media content, and to easily share it with their friends or the world. The service is designed to offer a broad spectrum of content, spanning movies, shorts, animation, documentaries, music videos, and games.”

For content providers, Zudeo serves as an alternative, low-cost distribution and marketing platform to distribute compelling, high-definition content to a global audience. Both large and small content owners can promote their works to their fan base through comprehensive discovery tools, as well as gauge market interest in specific territories. In addition, the company will unveil a series of content partnerships with leading media companies over the coming weeks and months.

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