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Some Girls Wander

By Bradley Gibson | October 7, 2019

Ken is an older homeless man living on a park bench in an Engish city. Jade (who prefers to be called “NO”)  is a teenage girl who lives on the opposite bench. Through the tedious course of two hours (plus some), they talk and drink while the world spins around them.  

“…a long, dense ramble about life’s vicissitudes by two people scraping along the bottom…”

For a cineaste referring to the traditional standards of filmmaking: narrative structure, cinematography, sound, dialog, and so on, there are films that are clearly good, films that are clearly bad, films that are mediocre, but also a class of hard to qualify films that are not necessarily bad, but were probably made for someone else. Some Girls Wander is probably made for someone else. Think of it as a black and white experimental version of My Dinner With Andre we can call  My Drink From a Paper Bag With Ken.

The sad, sometimes sordid tales of how they came to be homeless are reeled out erratically, often interrupted by random soliloquies about…well, not much. Ken was a film reviewer (ouch) who fell upon hard times, and No has yet to really begin her life. 

Some Girls Wander (2019)

Directed and Written: Geoff Woodbridge

Starring: Jade Mark, Keith Parr, William Cheung, Paul Hilts , etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Some Girls Wander Image

"…the sad, sometimes sordid tales of how they came to be homeless are reeled out"

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