Really, it was just a matter of time before the Alamo Drafthouse stopped courting movie websites and, you know, just started their own. is “a lifestyle destination site about film, TV, comics, clothes, food and more from the coolest, weirdest & craziest corners of pop culture.” also answers the question of where Devin Faraci was going when he left earlier this year: he’s been named the Editor-in-Chief of!

Congrats to the Alamo Drafthouse for achieving yet another step in their world domination plans, and good luck to Devin Faraci in his new role. From the official press release:

Movies, food, booze, fun – Badass Digest springs from the movie-loving culture of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and is dedicated to all the aspects of a badass lifestyle. The Alamo Drafthouse is pleased to announce that Devin Faraci former editor of CHUD, will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief of

Badass Digest is putting the fun back in being a nerd. We know that people who love blockbusters, cult classics, TV, and comics also love travel, good beer, tasty food & cool clothes. Badass Digest delivers all that is cool, weird and crazy to a badass generation of pop culture savants.

What is a badass? Editor-in-Chief Devin Faraci says, “a baddass is someone who is unique, uncompromising and dedicated to following their vision. A badass is someone blazing their own path, someone setting the standard. Fashion and fads come and go but badass is forever.”

Some of the signature features that users can expect include:

The Badass Hall of Fame
– Every week we’ll induct a person (real or fictional), thing or concept that we feel exemplifies Badass. The first (real) person to receive this honor is Warren Oates.

The New Optimism
– it’s easy to be cynical about Hollywood movies these days. We find the bright side of current movie news that gets us excited about the latest blockbusters, like Darren Aronofsky signing on to WOLVERINE 2. 

Make It Stop – There are bad movies and then there are the worst movies ever made. We go in-depth on those films. First up: Stephen King’s MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. 

In the weeks ahead we’ll be expanding our coverage of the vibrant craft beer scene, will be highlighting unusual travel destinations that will appeal to nerds and will begin a regular feature where we give you meal ideas to go with the week’s best DVD or Blu-Ray release.

Visit the new website here –

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