As a part of their ongoing, free Contemporary Documentary Series, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and UCLA band together to present 2 documentaries dealing with domestic life — new beginnings as well as the threat of disruption. “Just a Wedding” and “American Hollow” will both screen on [ October 17th, 2000 ] beginning at [ 7:30 PM ] in the [ James Bridges Theatre ] on the UCLA campus in Westwood.
In 1978, director Beverly Shaffer won an Academy Award for her documentary “I’ll Find a Way” — a profile of Nadia DeFranco, a young girl coping with life with spina biffida. Director Shaffer follows up on this introduction with “Just a Wedding,” a reunion with Nadia 20 years later. Shaffer finds her subject an accomplished city dweller on the eve of her wedding to a non-disabled,rock n’ roll loving self-proclaimed “hick”.
“American Hollow” looks at the Bowling family of rural Kentucky. After seven generations of home life, the family, led by matriarch Iree, must face increasing poverty, alcoholism, and the lure of the city as they decide whether or not to abandon their roots and move on.
For more information on the Contemporary Documentary Series, and these screenings, call [ 310-206-FILM. ]

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