Disbrow made these movies back to back and while they were not solicited specifically by Troma Entertainment they do fit perfectly in the company’s less than perfect oeuvre. Not a lot of build up or character development is at hand here so let’s get right to it. A cheesy-a*s looking alien comes to earth and rips, tears and chomps its way across New Jersey. With the aid of a “sexy psychic starlet,” who really isn’t that sexy, the authorities manage to bring the creature down – or did they?

Apparently the intergalactic goon laid a bunch of eggs and now there’s 100’s maybe even 1000’s of these damned things in and around Jersey. So the stage is set for the sequel which is just more of the same with one big difference. Our “sexy psychic” is turned into a cyborg complete with super human strength and intelligence. What’s even better is that she/it now has the ability to transform. You know, “Transformers! Robots in disguise!” Again the aliens are brought down and all is safe for the meantime.

Technically speaking these movies have some major problems: The script is amateurish as is the directing, acting, lighting and editing, plus it is shot entirely on video. It’s really difficult to even consider these things movies. The cast and crew appear to be weekend warriors who did this more for fun then out of any poetic or artistic reasons or yearnings. The up side is that the alien costume, for all of its cheesiness, is actually pretty fun to look at. There are tons of T & A, shitty heavy metal music and buckets of blood and gore. You could do worse than these, but you could damned sure do better.

Troma packed this one with some good stuff including: Trailers, behind the scenes footage and audio commentary by the film’s director.

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