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By Greg Bellavia | April 28, 2005

I’ve seen a fair share of movies. Action, comedy, film noir, horror, art film, etc. “A View to a Boat Chase” doesn*t fall into any of these categories, instead it would classify as a home movie. All “A View to a Boat Chase” consists of is footage of the filming of the opening boat chase sequence from “The World is Not Enough” captured by David Williams camcorder as he stands on the street observing.

If footage of behind the scenes stunt work is interesting to you then “A View to a Boat Chase” may in fact prove worthwhile, if however the concept of watching stunt people drive around in boats for OVER AN HOUR strikes you as incredibly boring (I, myself lean towards the latter category) then avoid at all costs.

Obviously David Williams is enthusiastic about the images he has captured and that is wonderful, however the odds of finding anyone else who is equally as enraptured is low – very low.

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