By Admin | December 29, 2004

Michael (Joe McClean) was born through the miracle of science, and when he attempts to kill himself he finds out that science has come to his “aid” one more time. Doctors cloned him years ago and kept his second body on hold for when the first one expired. That time is now, much to Michael’s surprise, and as a radio wire implanted in his head sends all his old memories to his new body (the one he’s now in), he finds that his life is turning inside out.

This is a quaint, bizarre short film that probably isn’t all that far from where medical science is going to be a decade or so from now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t present any answers to the moral questions or even really addresses them, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

Great acting, a fresh story, and enough plot twists to keep you guessing makes “A Reasonable Hypothesis” an entertaining film that could spark some serious discussions.

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