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By Film Threat Staff | June 21, 2002

Sonnyboo Production’s movie “New World” has a revolutionary new way to get an idea across to TV execs. The standard is to have a script and a storyboard, and hopefully sell someone on the concept. “When writing a description of spaceships and lasers, everyone can picture something different than what I have in my head”, says writer and director Peter John Ross. Instead of trying to pawn off a DV shoot as something competitive to broadcast quality, Ross and company shot a demo version of the TV pilot with the hopes of better conveying the conceptual ideas.
“New World” is the story of a time when humans have lost the Earth to alien “Invaders.” In the movie, humans rely on cunning and technology to survive. One fighter pilot gets stranded far from home. The Pilot (played by Jon Osbeck, “Green Card Fever”/”The Calling”) joins forces with a group of young upstarts fighting a guerilla war against the Invaders.
“New World” has an online world to call its own at the official Sonny Boo Productions site. And it’ll be playing this summer at the not-to-be-missed San Diego Comic Con,too.

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