By Film Threat Staff | December 20, 2000

Jonathan M. Parisen made a little film known as “The Atomic Space Bug,” and one of our reviewers took a look at it and found much to say; most of it not-so complimentary. The inflamed filmmaker lashed back at Film Threat, and the event passed, until this showed up in our mailbox:
“I know that I am probably going to be knocked by countless people for doing this but I am going to eat my words and do this anyway. A while back, I wrote a letter to Mister Brain Bertoldi knocking him as well as your magazine for writing a bad review on my film, “The Atomic Space Bug”. At the time I wrote that letter I was drunk out of mind and probably would have not written such a letter had I been sober. I have since quit drinking and am currently making a list of people that I need to make an amends to. You guys made the list. ^ I applogize for anything that I may have said that was on the rude side. I appreciate you guys reviewing my films in your magazine. Whether or not the reviews were good or bad I had no right to attack Mister Bertoldi or any other member of your staff and I sincerely apologize for doing so. Do what you will with this email [ (oh, and we are ) ] I’m sure I will be called a p***y for writing it and apologizing but I really felt that I needed to do this. I thank you in advance for reading this and I look forward to receiving this weeks ‘Film Threat’.” ^ SINCERELY ^ JONATHAN M. PARISEN ^ PARIVISION ENTERTAINMENT [ www.parivision.com ] ^ P.S. You were also right about Nick Zedd he is the biggest loser, lunatic I have ever dealt with.
Well, of course we were right, Jonathan. And thanks for the apology — you are an example for other filmmakers. To see the comments that started it all, visit the [ Film Threat Review ] of “The Atomic Space Bug” [ right here.

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