By admin | February 10, 2000

It’s gotta be tough being the sibling of a famous person. More often than not, you share the name, but not the glory — especially if your name is “Baldwin” or “Stallone.” Such is the case here with Maury Kubrick (Mark Darby Robinson), the fictitious brother of the late great auteur Stanley Kubrick. Alfredo Locane (director Bob Leddy, Jr.) has caught up with Maury two weeks before Stanley’s previously unheralded brother is to embark on his first book signing tour and sets out to make a film about him. It would have to be a horror film, as this goofy and hysterical spoof depicts Maury as an obnoxious and flamboyant eccentric; an abusive, ill-tempered lout whose mental stability the film questions. As the signing gets closer, Maury sinks deeper off the deep end. By the end of the film, it’s apparent that he’s a delusional and possibly dangerous man, defying a Barnes and Noble restraining order while dressed as Malcolm McDowell’s character from “A Clockwork Orange.” Robinson’s Maury is at first subdued just enough to make you wonder if this film is for real. When you realize, to your considerable relief, that it’s all a put-on, you can sit back and watch this fictional character implode… all the while wishing the same thing would happen to some real life famous siblings.

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