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By Brian Bertoldo | October 18, 1999

What do you get when you put together a strung out junkie, a male prostitute and a naive coffee shop waitress? Answer: A chance to look into the struggles and choices of people we may pass on the street everyday, but never give a thought to who they are or where they’re going. Lives, which are often left, unexamined. That’s the premise behind 3 Days . . . 3 Hours . . . 3 Minutes . . . 3 Seconds.
As the title conveys, this is a three-day, slice of life look into three lives going in very different directions. Randy (Michæl Kinsella), a male prostitute with both male and female clients, is just trying to make a living, while he spends his free time in a local coffee shop writing. His live in girlfriend, Lex (Renee Smith) lounges around the apartment all day drinking and doing drugs. As Lex sinks deeper into her addictions, she becomes increasingly dependent on Randy and equally jealous of the time he spends outside the apartment. As a result, Randy develops an affection for Leslie (Amy Watt), an artist and waitress at the coffee shop. Leslie admires Randy’s writing but is unaware of his other profession. It all hits the fan when Randy accidentally kills a drug dealer. His only hope is a new life with Leslie, away from Lex and his nowhere life.
Director M. David Lee III has managed to put together a commentary on modern life and the unpredictable twists and turns awaiting all of us down the road. Shot in just three days, more three’s, 3 Days . . . 3 Hours . . . 3 Minutes . . . 3 Seconds combines an insightful story with strong, convincing acting, to produce a social commentary without the after school special candy coating.

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