The Shriekfest International Horror Film Festival turns 11 this year, and the lineup for the September 29-October 2, 2011 event has been announced. From the official press release:

SHRIEKFEST INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is thrilled to announce the full, expanded schedule for the ELEVENTH annual horror film festival, returning to Raleigh Studios Chaplin theatres, September 29-October 2nd, 2011.

Festival goers will once again enjoy the finest in independent cinema from around the globe, selected from submissions that came in everywhere from London to New York; from Utah to Spain. From our opening night screening of THE FEED, featuring Lloyd Kaufman, to the shorts from Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, and finally to the World Premiere of Tammi Sutton’s ISLE OF DOGS, starring Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel) and Andrew Howard (I Spit On Your Grave, Limitless). The 11th Annual Shriekfest International Horror Film Festival has worked hard to present a festival as diverse as the fans of the Los Angeles city itself.

American independent films are also well represented this year, on Friday, September 30th – THE MILLENNIUM BUG, as well as RAGE and OPUS, both of which are screening on Saturday, October 1st. We can’t leave out THE MOLEMAN OF BELMONT AVENUE starring Robert England, THE ORPHAN KILLER and ABSENTIA, starring Doug Jones.

Not to leave out our fabulous selection of short films. Movies like MURDERABILIA, ZOMBIE, PROFILE, SADNESS, ROTTING HILL and the stunning NEGATIVE IMAGE challenge the viewers with provocative, well crafted original stories.

Once again SHRIEKFEST Film Festival exceeds at challenging the idea of what a horror film festival should screen, with eclectic selections (THE DEAD INSIDE), to science fiction (PIG), comedy (THE LIVING WANT ME DEAD), and even the bizarre (SUMMER OF THE ZOMBIES).

All films are un-rated, and unless specifically noted no one under 17 will be admitted without a parent or guardian’s accompaniment or permission. For more information on THE 2011 SHRIEKFEST FILM FESTIVAL, as well as news about other related events, including the Opening Night Party and the networking events, please visit our website: www.shriekfest.com

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  1. Mark Hudson says:

    TOK is amazing. It’s not spam that hits all these pages. TOK has 100,000 die hard facebook fans we bloody love TOK. POSTING BLOODY MURDER.

  2. Meyer says:

    The Orphan Killer is a “must see horror” I wake up screaming in terror of Marcus Miller. And sometimes with morning wood thinking of Audrey Miller. The best of both worlds. Better increase the dosage of your meds for this ride. Truly memorable and gorry film

  3. Bwakathaboom says:

    The Orphan Kitten is a one of the bestest movies I have seen in my life! One cannot help but sympathize with the Mister Fuzzybuttons and his need to make those pay who have wronged him! Filmmaker Matt Farnsworth deserves super kissy bellyrubs!

  4. Bwakathaboom says:

    Do you guys have a Google Alert for every time TOK is mentioned or what?

    It’s Film Threat’s call whether to allow it but you can see from the SEO writing style (constant repetition of phrases, title and names) of these “fans” that it’s paid promotion. They also spammed IMDB and every place this film gets mentioned. It’s cheap and disingenuous (albeit smart) marketing.

    So let’s keep it going!

    “I once saw brilliant filmmaker Matt Farnsworth rescue a litter of kittens from a burning building – probably pumped up after directing the 20th century(!) masterpiece The Orphan Killer, which is a taught bloody gorefest from start to end! Marcus, the killer in dire need of revenge, probably loves kittens!”

  5. Kenneth Holland says:

    The Orphan Killer is one of the best flicks to grace the screen in many years…the well written plot ..the camerawork ….the directing….the acting…all add up to make one of the most believeable performances I have ever witnessed…ran up on TOK on facebook back in the Spring and had to see this movie after seeing a few scenes and had to order it…one of the best purchases of my life..both the movie and the soundtrack included kicked a*s..only movie i have ever watched over n over had to share with friends and wss entertained each and every time …cannot help but to sympathize with Marcus and his dire need to make those pay that have wronged him….even his loving sister that left him behind to rot and be abused when she promised she would never leave him….The acting is superb and the plot so believeable…great job Matt Farnsworth and all the great reviews TOK is receiving are all well deserved…and the facebook connection to your fans and the daily interaction is a first….hope that we have not let you down..for it has become like a family in it’s own right….Marcus Miller is the best…and honored to say I saw it back when….thanks again…

  6. Todd Smith says:

    The Orphan Killer is a brutal, bloody masterpiece. This film has everything a true horror lover wants, and more! Everything is done top notch. Excellent acting, brutal kills which are gorry as hell! And the story line is killer! This film is a for sure winner. Who doesn’t need a NEW horror icon for the 20th century! TOK is a film to be reconed with. Well done Mr. Farnsworth, cast and crew. Long live TOK!

  7. Mike Willis says:

    Matt Farnsworth has brought to life the best horror figure of this century – the orphan killer.
    The film is a sensation.IF anyone is into a slash/gore horror then this is the number one film not to be missed.
    A studio film that started it’s sales through facebook has already boomed on the market through the world spread festivals. Globally this movie is being shown and the reviews are getting stronger and more frequent by the day.
    Now over 96,000 fans just on facebook and the numbers are growing daily.
    The combination of Matt Farnsworth (actor, writer and director), his beautiful wife Diane Foster-Farnsworth and never forgetting the perfectly cast David Backus as Marcus Miller make this a mind blowing, non stop brutal blood bath of a movie.
    10/10 for the fresh approach Matt and his team have to the horror scene and the neverending interaction Matt and Diane have with f/b fans since the making of the movie.
    A classic not to be missed.

  8. Nicola bulloch says:

    The Orphan Killer is one hell of a brutal movie, It has the perfect combination of everything to make it a winner, The sheer brute force and charisma of Marcus is excellent to see and matches nicely to Diane who is a force to be reckoned with, The sound track is brutally good and not to be missed

  9. J-me Page says:

    The Orphan Killer is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I have said many times in the past that Matt Farnsworth has given birth to the 20th century and Marcus Miller is the new and TRUE face of horror!!!! Brutal bloody kills,soundtrack to die for and Diane Foster is a true scream queen…….FAMILY IS FOREVER,BOUND IN BLOOD NOT BY IT!!!!!

  10. Pime says:


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