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By Mark Bell | November 27, 2006

The first week of December 2006 offered up a little bit of the Biblical, a little bit of the torture porn-age, and that guy from that Ryan Reynolds National Lampoon’s film, starting off the holiday season with a lackluster limp. Is week two any better? Check it out…

DECEMBER 8, 2006


It’s Logan’s Run meets the Mayans in Mel Gibson’s latest unknown native-language epic. Gibson finally answers all our questions: Will the young villager get sacrificed atop the big pyramid, which one is “Sugar Tits” and what did the Jews have to do with the demise of the Mayan civilization?

Blood Diamond

I’m going to go on record as stating that Leonardo DiCaprio has the worst Dutch-South African accent ever committed to screen. How could anyone have let him slide with that?

The Holiday

I have this condition where I get obsessed with a particular actor and I need to see at least one of their movies every year, regardless of whether I think the actor or the film is any good. In the past, Julia Roberts was that actor, and now Cameron Diaz has taken her spot. This is not a sexual attraction issue, either, it’s like when you can’t help but look at the accident at the side of the road, and in keeping with that thought, even though this is a silly romantic-comedy with “bad” spray-painted all over it, my condition will force me to see it. I NEED HELP!

Unaccompanied Minors

Kids left alone on the holidays!?! What a novel idea for a film. Oh, what, Home Alone already did it? Well, Home Alone was just ONE kid, this is many kids, in an airport no less. Box office gold, baby!

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