By Doug Brunell | May 9, 2007

In this short film, a three-piece band decides to pack it up and move to the happening Las Vegas scene, which is 19 miles from home. Once there, the guys realize they need a gimmick in order to stand out from the crowd. The gimmick of choice? Silence.

Besides the fact that the very concept is funny, the stuff the band goes through in such a short period of time also elicits a few hearty chuckles. All of this is even more remarkable when you realize it was written, shot and edited in 48 hours. That’s impressive by any standards.

“19 Miles to Vegas” won’t set the world on fire, but it does prove that everyone who is involved with this has enough talent to foster a career in filmmaking. If they can get this many laughs out of 48 hours of work, imagine what a few weeks time would create.

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