By Admin | September 30, 2003

This DVD is quite the sensory experience, especially in 5.1 sound. Talk about being submerged in a film. The world beats just overpower you as folks (including Brian Eno, Dennis Hopper, Kurt Vonnegut and Anita Roddick) talk about God, happiness, death, sex and everything else that makes life worth living. Singers sing. Musicians play. And people just talk. It’s almost like an intellectual New Age drug trip.
Films that examine the world from an artistic viewpoint are always interesting to watch. Sometimes they get a bit pretentious, but that only adds to the fun. “1 Giant Leap” doesn’t really fall into that trap, but it does let the music take too much control throughout. Just when interviewees start to get interesting, the camera cuts to someone singing over tribal drumming or guitars. That works once and a while, but not in every segment.
If you’re ever in the mood to just sit back and think for over two hours, this is the film for you. For those less inclined, it’s interesting to note that the chapters in this film can be watched in any order without disrupting its flow. In fact, I’m not even sure what order they should be watched in, which makes this DVD a truly interactive experience … much like life itself.

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