By Phil Hall | April 28, 2002

Here are some of the more colorful comments which the mad-as-hell Everquest aficionados sent to Film Threat: ^ “Maybe a little more research about what the film was about would have allowed you the ability to understand the culture and society that has formed around this game. Comments similiar to ‘nor do we even get to see a full game played to its entirety’ shows your lack of understanding about what the game is even about.”
It would seem that the Everquest game can stretch on for several days. However, Everquest Players LFG only devoted a very brief amount of time to showing a game in progress. This letter continues with: ^ “The Everquest community is a very large family and we don’t seek to persuade everyone to come and join our adventures. The game isn’t for everyone. But we also do not take kindly to those who seek to belittle our past time. I don’t think you are prepared for the type of negative backlash you will receive from this.”
We cannot disagree here. While Film Threat receives a great quantity of fan mail and pan mail, we were caught off-guard by the response from this single review. Another Everquest player wrote in: ^ “The review of Everquest Players LFG; was completely ignorant of the subject matter, akin to calling ‘Apocalypse Now’ a movie about the Vietnam War.”
How silly! Everyone knows “Apocalypse Now” is about the Boer War…oh, those Everquest funsters. Any way, another correspondent complains: ^ “Saying the film is a ‘tip-toe in the sub-subculture’ makes it sound like we are a bunch of bottom feeding slime eaters. We are not of homemade porn snuff film watchers. We are just here to play a great game and have fun with it….I am sure the player community would chew you up and spit you out.”
I am sure the homemade porn snuff film watchers will take objection to this remark, but you can’t please everyone, can you? Then came this e-mail: ^ “I personally found some of the comments made about Everquest to be insulting. I am a married woman with two children, my husband and have both played the game for 3 years now and have made some incredible friends. To me it is no different than those who spend hours everyday in front of the TV or on the Playstation. But everyone seems to quick to criticize things they know nothing about.”
Hmmm…it is encouraging to know this fair lady and her good gent aren’t all that obsessive about the Everquest game, as witnessed by the presence of their two children (at least some time was devoted to playing with something other than a computer game). Somewhat less diplomatic is this comment:^ “Recently, one of the, if not THE, strongest monster in the game was killed. This monster has yet to be killed an either of the 24+ World Servers, this was the first time it has ever happened. The Guild that killed him, spent months planning the raid, and hours upon hours of online time in the Game World preparing to lauch their raid. The Raid includes first breaking the zone, this means the Guild had to go into the zone and first kill off all the various monsters that would be in their way of their main goal… and it includes planning to keep these monsters from respawning on their backs as they advance further into the zone.”
Ooooooooooookay. Moving right along: ^ “I do not want you contacting me.. all I want is for you idiotic morons to research a topic properly before you go and criticize it and thus piss off 200,000+ people with you remarks and comments. Then I want you to go visit: www.everlore.com. Once there I want you to see that you post an apology to the player community for your insolent and arogant remarks about our much beloved escape from everyday reality…”
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