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Witches’ Well

By Bobby LePire | June 20, 2024

Amanda K. Morales, a true powerhouse, not only wrote, directed, produced, and edited Witches’ Well, but also served as the director of photography and starred in the film. Her dedication and multi-faceted talent are evident in every frame of this found footage horror film, where she portrays the successful author Leona. The genre writer is currently in Scotland researching the Scottish witch trials for her latest project. However, as she delves deeper into the truth, a series of strange occurrences start to haunt her. Objects move on their own, and mysterious writing appears on the mirror. Is it a supernatural entity warning her to stop before it’s too late? Or is there a malevolent force wanting to destroy Leona for looking into the forbidden dark arts?

The film initially unfolds at a deliberate pace, with Leona often seen typing or experiencing restless sleep. It takes about 10 minutes, give or take, for the necessary context to be provided, allowing the viewer to piece everything together. However, once the initial confusion clears, the film accelerates, offering a plethora of suspense and intrigue to keep the viewer thoroughly engaged. The mystery surrounding the cause of Leona’s nightmares is captivating, and her direct communication with the camera through a few streams scattered throughout the hour runtime provides a personal insight into her character. The twist at the end adds a layer of rewatchability, leaving the audience eager to revisit the story.

“…a malevolent force wanting to destroy Leona…”

Regrettably, the static nature of the cameras set up throughout the apartment limits the cinematography to a so-so level. However, Morales’s astute use of lighting compensates for this, effectively creating an off-putting atmosphere that permeates Witches’ Well with a sense of dread. The camerawork, although not particularly creepy due to its distance from the action, does manage to convey Leona’s isolation at times, adding to the film’s unsettling tone.

As the only actor, Morales has a lot of heavy lifting to do. Happily, she is excellent. The actor makes Leona likable and easy to root for. Every eerie incident is reacted to believably, and as the crazy ramps up, she really sells the sheer horror of it all.

Witches’ Well starts off slowly, and the camerawork means there’s only so much the visuals can bring to the table, so to speak. But once the story really gets underway, things become very compelling. The lighting is strong, and Morales is a talented actor who makes the most of her role.

Witches' Well (2024)

Directed and Written: Amanda K. Morales

Starring: Amanda K. Morales, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Witches' Well Image

"…things become very compelling."

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