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Win a Trip to Browntown

By Alan Ng | March 25, 2022

Finally, the feel-good story we’ve all been waiting for, especially if you’ve been waiting for a Hallmark movie about butt sex. In George A. Tramountanas’ comedy, Win A Trip to Browntown, the writer/director stars as Frank Tsigas, a writer who gave up his dream of becoming a professional screenwriter to raise a family. Each year, he enters the local Pitchfest competition as a way to keep his writing dream alive.

Just before an evening of sloppy lovemaking, Frank’s wife, Laura (Kendra McDermott), suggests that he could lose some weight to build up his confidence for Pitchfest. As an incentive, Laura wagers that if Frank can lose 50 pounds, she’ll let him put his “D” in her “A.” Frank immediately accepts the challenge and finds the ultimate motivation to lose weight. He documents the entire weight loss/anal experience on his anonymous blog.

The more he writes about his wife’s proposition, the more popular the blog becomes. Soon Frank’s private arrangement becomes a viral sub-Reddit, and the world starts to wonder about the identity of the mysterious blogger. If you know anything about comedies, well…

How did this get made? There’s nothing sexual, salacious, or vulgar here at all. It’s all locker room talk. The fact that Gravitas Ventures has taken Win a Trip to Browntown under its wing has garnered my utmost admiration for the organization. As the plot progressed, I kept asking myself if this was really happening? If it is, what will happen in the end (referring to the narrative, my fellow sick readers)?

“…Laura wagers that if Frank can lose 35 pounds, she’ll let him put his ‘D’ in her ‘A’.”

To me, bold storytelling covers a multitude of weaknesses. There is a definite twisted Hallmark vibe to the way Tramountanas tells this tale as well as to the overall comedic tone. Weirdly, if it wasn’t for the subject matter, this could be a viable family film. No one is naked, especially Frank. Instead, the adult content takes place all in frank conversations about sex, masturbation, and butt stuff — all of it spoken by full-grown, if somewhat juvenile, adults.

There is a charm to Win a Trip To Browntown found in its story of family and ambition. Frank is at an existential crossroads. He has a happy family with a wife and children who love him, but every year at Pitchfest, he’s reminded of a dream that is yet to be fulfilled and may never be. Now add anal to the mix, and you have a comedy that works. It’s good, clean fun… well, as clean as butt stuff can get.

The only weakness is the acting. It comes off as a little stiff, a common problem of indie comedies. It feels like actors delivering scripted lines rather than natural dialogue. This style of acting in comedies comes across as too wink-at-the-camera funny. I really wanted to see a frank conversation between husband and wife.

In the end, Win a Trip to Browntown is a light, fun comedy about the “end.” This is once in a lifetime story that could only come from the mind of an independent filmmaker. You don’t want to be bummed out for missing it. You might even want to use it as a teachable moment for your children. I know I won’t, but someone might. It’s perfect if you’re up for a good laugh or enjoy spearing the brown shark, drilling for chocolate, taking the road less traveled, following the Augustus Gloop, or driving the Hershey highway…

Win a Trip to Browntown is available on-demand on all streaming platforms.

Win a Trip to Browntown (2022)

Directed and Written: George A. Tramountanas

Starring: George A. Tramountanas, Kendra McDermott, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Win a Trip to Browntown Image

"…unforgetable...[insert your favorite euphemism here]..."

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  1. Jeff says:

    Not on *all* (major) streaming platforms – most notably, not on Netflix (USA, at least). Seems like they want pay per view, not subscription money.

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