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Who Among Us

By Bobby LePire | April 1, 2020

He makes for a fun, enthusiastic host. His love of the show rapport with the contestants is overzealous but lively. This makes Nadio come across as trying too hard, which works wonderfully for the arc of the film. Ngadi is perfectly fine, though he does get lost in the background of both the set, the energy of He as the host, and Borosic’s high profile freak out.

As the potentially artificial Seven, Borosic is incredible. At one point, she becomes so flustered that she pees herself. This happens shortly after she falls on stage, in an attempt to keep the other contestant off of her. Borosic sells the uncertainty of her character’s feelings and the sense of being overwhelmed by the show wonderfully. It is all showcased in how she reacts after those two events I just mentioned.

“The production design is fantastic, the cast is excellent…”

But, sadly, all is not well in Who Among Us. For one, I was correctly able to guess who the android was in before the film was on for even 2-minutes. Then, upon finding out who it is, a whole lot of plot holes emerge. How can this show last for more than one episode? How is it fair to all the contestants? If someone on the show did guess correctly, how did the creators of Who Among Us plan to keep it going?

Who Among Us explores themes of humanity, memories, and how one can own those for themselves in a unique setting. The production design is fantastic, the cast is excellent, especially Borosic, and the dialogue is believable enough. But, then, the movie’s conclusion happens, and it seems that the implications of such were not totally thought through by the filmmakers. Overall, it is good, but it could have been amazing.

Who Among Us (2020)

Directed and Written: Rebecca Kahn, Abhishek Prasad

Starring: Susana Borosic, Terry He, Kingsley Ngadi, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Who Among Us Image

"…can you be certain your memories are yours and do not belong to someone else?"

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