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By Bobby LePire | February 12, 2021

Mainframe Pictures is responsible for the intense and twisty Long Lost and the hallucinatory lunacy of Ten Minutes To Midnight. Given the genre bonafides of those titles, not to mention the horror shorts the company has produced, one might be expecting their movie Weekenders to follow suit. However, in only a slight surprise (Intermedium anybody?), the Erik Bloomquist directed and written film, based on a story by Carson Bloomquist and co-star Peyton Michelle Edwards, is a straightforward romantic dramedy.

Harper (Peyton Michelle Edwards) has booked a stay at a little cabin in Plymouth, Vermont. However, due to a miscommunication, James (Erik Bloomquist), whose parents own the house, shows up a few minutes after she gets there. He introduces himself and apologizes for the inconvenience, as his dad told him he’d blacked out this weekend. Harper does not mind, and the two get to know each other.

“…Blake gets overbearing and jealous upon discovering that James is also staying there…”

The next morning, Harper’s boyfriend Blake (Ehad Berisha) surprises her with a visit. He was originally supposed to come for the whole stay, but work got in the way. However, Blake gets overbearing and jealous upon discovering that James is also staying there, though James’ delicious breakfast skills help break the ice. Harper and Blake go for a run, while James meets up with a Tinder match, Alison (Maggie McMeans). As the weekend wears on, these four will uncover secrets about themselves and each other that will change them in unexpected ways.

Bloomquist and company have stepped out of their comfort zone entirely and have somehow still managed to knock one right out of the park. Weekenders from start to finish, top to bottom, is an engaging exploration of early adult life, love, and the hows/ whys people end up together, even if they aren’t right for each other. All four leads are fully-formed, realistic humans whose wants, desires, and needs are relatable and authentic. The script is able to create such three-dimensional figures while also giving everyone very distinct personalities, so the clashing that inevitably must happen is not only earned but sensible.

Weekenders (2021)

Directed and Written: Erik Bloomquist

Starring: Erik Bloomquist, Peyton Michelle Edwards, Ehad Berisha, Maggie McMeans, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Weekenders Image

"…furtive glances are exchanged but are not necessarily acted on."

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