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We Are Wolves

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | March 8, 2024

Yes, the target is B-movie instead of art house, but that is what makes it even more wonderful. Any exploitation fiend will tell you a good B-movie is hard to find. This is a great B-movie, much more intense than the bland VHS erotic thrillers of the 90s. As for the genre, I know horror when I taste it. Just three licks in, and you have that delicious horror aftertaste that doesn’t fade. It follows a horror movie structure of dread and otherness that keeps the engagement locked. This goes way beyond spanking, though you are going to get that, too. It is like 50 Shades of Grey infused with Three on a Meat Hook. It goes down quickly and ferociously, just like the drugged drinks everyone in the movie keeps drinking on purpose. Yes, drinking drugged drinks on purpose is that kind of party. The forced enema sequence brought a tear to my eye, so bring your hankies if you don’t already have a stack handy.

“The forced enema sequence brought a tear to my eye…”

The sex and nudity are done with taste and restraint. There are so many places it could have objectified heavier and didn’t. While passing over perfectly sculpted posteriors popping out of maids’ uniforms while bend-over cleaning seems like a missed opportunity to many, it pays off in spades here. The select use of nudity gives that scenes where it is used more emotional impact in the narrative. It also cements the verisimilitude of the world within the film, which allows real character development. That opens up the potential for some talented actresses, with which We Are Wolves is rich. We have reached that point in the future where everyone should be proud to have this kinky horror movie on their resume, with Mallery to thank for it.

Mares is a marvel here. Her emotional depth erupts like a rouge laser during the high points. Winters is not so much an actress as a performer, which is exactly what a cult superstar needs to be. If most acting is like gentle flute playing, Winters delivers a fuzzed-out, distorted guitar that sounds rad. You could imagine her stomping it out in a vintage Warhol or Waters picture. I am very impressed with Kravchenko, as she is both imposing and identifiable. I feel like I have been watching her for years, even though she is just getting into films after serving. Instead of playing Selena like a wooden post that people are tied to, she allows you to see glimpses of Selena’s true feelings between the pickets of her fence. We Are Wolves is a post-exploitation spiked leather strut down the dark side that flows like an electrical current through a live wire into your lap.

We Are Wolves (2024)

Directed and Written: Rich Mallery

Starring: Savannah Mares, Fawn Winters, Lauren Kravchenko, Anthony Rainville, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

We Are Wolves Image

"…flows like electrical current through a live wire into your lap."

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